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"And when you dream of me, dream of nice things."

"You did?"
"Yeah, I’m making the big gesture." 

Sterek Week: Day 3 - College AU - Chasing Liberty

Stiles Stilinski has never had an ordinary life. At nineteen years old, he is the most protected boy in America; he is the First Son. Frustrated with his overprotective father-the President of the United States of America-for not letting him attend his college of choice, Stiles decides to ditch his security detail and head to California for some much needed freedom. At a club, Stiles meets the handsome stranger Derek who agrees to let him tag along to LA. While Derek knows who Stiles is, Stiles doesn’t feel threatened by him, instead he feels strangely safe. But Derek hasn’t told him who he is. Under the orders of Stiles’ father, Derek is supposed to keep an eye on the rebellious boy but falling in love with him wasn’t something he expected to do. Romance blossoms between the wild, sarcastic Stiles and the cool, distant Derek as they travel across the US. When the trip is over and Stiles finds out who Derek really is, everything goes to hell. But the President isn’t a completely unreasonable man, and he can see how much his son is hurting. With the promise of keeping his new security detail, Stiles is allowed to attend NYU and win back the man of his dreams.

"Why are you talking to me like that? Why are you so angry?"

"Because everyone keeps trying to control me, and nobody wants me to kiss anybody!"

The Way He Looks (2014)

Leonardo is a blind teenager searching for independence. His everyday life, the relationship with his best friend, Giovana, and the way he sees the world change completely with the arrival of Gabriel.

Ian Nelson vs. Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale

He’s basically satan in a v-neck.